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Lüneburg, over 1050 years old city of salt is without a doubt the most fascinating cities in the north of Germany. Historic brick architecture, beautifully preserved, characterizes the dominant active city life of young people.
The city remained intact in the turmoil of the war and shows himself in a largely well-preserved medieval town. Since 2007 the city of Lüneburg carries again the title of the Hanseatic city.

Everywhere in the city the visitor encounters the history of the city, whose main asset was the salt. Over 1000 years was boiled in saline salt, and by trading with the then precious "white gold" in the Middle Ages, the city came to wealth and prestige.

The Must See

  • Medieval Town Hall 
  • Brömsehaus 
  • St. John's Church 
  • Michaelis Church 
  • St. Nicholas Church 
  • Convent Lüne 
  • salt Museum 
  • health facilities 
  • city Tours


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